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Smooth Migration to the
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Modern businesses demand flexible, intelligent business and IT solutions. This exhibits the increasing urgency of organizations to transition from legacy systems to cloud-based solutions. And this is where ESSGEEKS application migration services come into play. ESSGEEKS can help you make the leap to the cloud and turn traditional applications into fully functional, insightful and virtual applications.

Our comprehensive application migration services assist companies striving to move their entire workload to the cloud while reducing risk and costs. The forward-thinking and efficiency-focused legacy-to-cloud approach allows us to help you achieve the desired flexibility and scalability.

We take care of the end-to-end application migration life cycle from identifying dependencies to planning migration and implementing the changes.

When to Choose Application Migration Services?

Application Modernization
Application Modernization

When you are looking to implement contemporary features that cannot be supported by your existing application.

Improve User Experience
Improve User Experience

When you realize your employees are spending enormous time on doing routine tasks that ultimately costs your company.

Application Consolidation<br> 
Application Consolidation

When you want to consolidate applications that run on different platforms for better synergy and unified experience.

High Maintenance Costs
High Maintenance Costs

When you are using a legacy application that is costing money to maintain and support.

Application Integration
Application Integration

When you need to integrate your application with a third party app or Enterprise system but your current platorm does not support it.

Legacy Application Migration
Legacy Application Migration

When the legacy application is no longer supported by the hardware or software platform leaving a security gap in your infrastructure setup.

Secure, Hassle-Free and Efficient Application Migration Services

Why Choose ESSGEEKS?

In-depth Expertise and Industry-Focused Approach
In-depth Expertise and Industry-Focused Approach

The developers and software experts at ESSGEEKS have prowess and years of industry experience in offering best-in-class application migration solutions, ensuring your applications are migrated to the cloud without a hitch.

Low Maintenance and Optimized Costs<br> 
Low Maintenance and Optimized Costs

Did you know that ESSGEEKS application migration services can help reduce capital investments? As you transition the IT infrastructure to the cloud, operations and maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

100% Data and IP Protection<br> 
100% Data and IP Protection

We have a built-in security system that effectively mitigates the risk of disruption and facilitates every transaction / operation in a controlled environment. This ensures a centralized, automated and secure workflow.

Speed and Efficiency
Speed and Efficiency

To remain competitive in today’s cut-throat business world, it’s imperative to attune with the new market conditions and application modernization is the first step in that direction. We understand this need, which is why we align the best resources to boost efficiency with scalability and agility, ensuring a hassle-free migration.

We also specialize in Application Modernization

Before we migrate your application, we take into consideration the impact it will have on your business, the size and the intricacy of the migration, along with the migration strategy.

Once your application is assessed and the strategy is formulated, we curate a secure and compliant infrastructure that includes a clear set of policies, rules and a design framework (a step-by-step plan to migrate your application).

We ensure everything is working smoothly by testing and re-testing the application, resolving any unanticipated issues.

In this phase, you provide the documentation / data and we install the software. It’s that simple; you don’t need to worry about the technical and gory details of application migration.

Helping You Move to the Cloud and Realize Your Possibilities

Highest level of security

Optimized IT costs

Multi-dimensional application migration

Seamless application migration

Industry-focused approach

Maximized business efficiency and minimized data loss

Let’s make this work; let’s get your application migration process into action and help you capture the potential of “Cloud”.

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