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Leading the Way into the New Reality with DATA

The world is at the forefront of data analytics, visualization and other emerging technologies. ESSGEEKS helps brands and companies across the globe with impactful, data-driven research. We, at ESSGEEKS, provide multiple services and solutions around business intelligence, data analytics, data visualization and everything in between.
“Data is the new oil of the 21st century and analytics is the combustion engine.”
Enterprises generate massive volumes of data every day. This has created a soaring need for data analytics and visualization. This is where ESSGEEKS comes into play. We cater to this rising need by ensuring your data remains of high authority, transparency and manageable AT ALL TIMES!

When to Choose Business Intelligence / Data Visualization / Analytics Service?

Improve Operational Efficiency
Improve Operational Efficiency

When you need to track your company’s revenue, expenses and profitability for improved financial forecasting or budget planning.

Improved Decision Making
Improved Decision Making

Having data at your fingertips aids in faster and accurate decision making, thus giving you an edge over your competition with a faster turnaround.

Key Insights<br> 
Key Insights

When productivity is going down and you need to figure out why. These metrics can be used to track real time information on KPIs that align with an organization's strategy.

Intuitive Dashboards<br> 
Intuitive Dashboards

Extract data from multiple data sources to produce intuitive dashboards that helps visualizing and analyzing the data faster.

Predictive Analytics<br> 
Predictive Analytics

Data can be used for efficient monitoring and the trends can be used to predict failures, improve production process and also use it for training.

Improved Customer Satisfaction
Improved Customer Satisfaction

Use the data generated from customer interactions to understand the shortcomings in your products and services, take remedial actions and improve customer retention.

We simplify the complicated and take the guesswork out of the decision making equation

Why Choose ESSGEEKS?

We Don’t Just Drive Analytics, but Also Revenue
We Don’t Just Drive Analytics, but Also Revenue

By curating personalized business intelligence solutions and analytics, our analysts help you make data-driven decisions, ultimately leading to an increase in the revenue stream.

We Bring in the Energy (Insights) that Helps You Succeed
We Bring in the Energy (Insights) that Helps You Succeed

Our expert developers take into consideration your business requirements and objectives, based on which we offer solutions that can help you make data-powered decisions – FAST!

Outstanding Results for Your Business - That’s Our Goal
Outstanding Results for Your Business - That’s Our Goal

Our expertise, experience and commitment to help businesses enable us to produce outstanding results, whether in terms of business intelligence or data analytics solutions.

Years of Experience
Years of Experience

We’ve been doing this for a while. ESSGEEKS has been in the industry for nearly two decades designing and implementing business intelligence, data analytics and data visualization solutions for various industries.

We Leverage Only the Best Tools in the Box

Microsoft Power BI

Telerik Reporting

Microsoft SSRS

Custom Front-end Environment

Offering Data Visualization & Analytics that Sets You Apart

Data-centered analytics

Insightful research

Easy-to-Use solutions & routines

More effective marketing campaign

An even better shot at exceptional customer experience

Boost in productivity

It’s time to make business decisions with confidence; it’s time to collaborate with ESSGEEKS.

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