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Ranging from windows app development to SharePoint & software integration, there are no guesstimates in ESSGEEKS engineering software services, just like engineering.

How ESSGEEKS Caters to the Engineering Industry

Want to automate your design and drawing process? Streamline quote and proposal generation? Deploy robust document management and collaboration software? ESSGEEKS is the solution you’ve been yearning for. We are Engineers first just like you, so with a specialized skill set and client-centered services, we aim to optimize your journey, ensuring that you are ready to optimize your customers’ journey across the engineering ecosystem.

Windows Application Development
Windows Application Development
By working together with ESSGEEKS highly experienced developers, provide your customers with an enriching digital experience they are striving for.
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SharePoint and Power Platform
SharePoint and Power Platform
You are the engineers. But when it comes to business applications, we can help you take them up a notch by giving them a boost of collaboration.
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Industrial IoT / Industry 4.0
Industrial IoT / Industry 4.0
Understanding the engineering ecosystem and taking a project from concept to implementation is no joke. In collaboration with ENWPS, we can provide the innovative systems and technology expertise you need.
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Heterogeneous systems are good on their own but when integrated with other software's, they can make your business grow. Lucky for you, we have proven expertise in integrating heterogeneous systems.
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Engineering Calculations

Secured Access to MathCAD Programs

Protect Intellectual Property Rights

By providing secure access to engineering calculations without sending the actual programs to group companies, ESSGEEKS's engineering solutions protect intellectual property rights. Users are able to interact with the program via the front end without having the need for direct access to these calculations. The best part? Every input and output result is shared with authorized users in Microsoft Word or Excel format so it can be analyzed.

Access Control

Administrators have control over who has access rights, varying from program to program and user to user.

Multiple Integration Scenarios

This concept is used to deliver solutions that comprise complex engineering calculations like PTC MathCAD to Microsoft Excel.

Design and Drawing Automation

Accurate and Error-free Drawings in minutes.

Cost Savings

By completely automating the design and drawing process, ESSGEEKS's design calculation solution drastically reduces engineering & design hours, ultimately reducing costs.


Improves accuracy and brings uniformity in the presentation of the drawing.


Built-in intelligence that takes care of almost every aspect of design and manufacturing.


The user doesn’t need to be explicitly trained or familiarized with AutoCAD to use ESSGEEKS engineering solution.

Bill of Material Automation

ESSGEEKS meticulously crafted solutions have the ability to generate a Bill of Materials with accurate weight and material summary reports.

In addition to these features, ESSGEEKS leverages a massive database of engineering materials, conforming to various industry standards. This simply means that we have the means so you don’t need to invest in creating this database again.

Put an end to inadequate engineering software experiences.

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