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Customers today value user experience more than anything. How would they feel if every time they click on “Contact Us” and nothing happens? Eventually, they’ll leave and move over to your competitors’ applications.

A bug-free application must be the ultimate goal for every business. ESSGEEKS’s manual software testing services have a well-defined and structured quality assurance process that identifies and eliminates errors, bugs, and defects throughout the software development lifecycle.

With meticulous screening, analysis and testing, we, at ESSGEEKS ensure everything is smooth sailing prior to delivery. Our experts provide end-to-end manual software testing services to cater to your functional testing needs, ensuring 100% traceability and extensive test coverage.

When to Choose a Manual Software Testing Service?

Software as a Service

When you need to verify and validate software code using a variety of techniques.

Internet of Things

When you need consistent test coverage time and again

Gambling & Betting

Social Media

When you need to understand how your application is performing

Business Management

When verification of coding and calculation is enough to ensure the application has reached its full functionality

Trading Systems

Why Choose ESSGEEKS?


ESSGEEKS’s manual software testing services can help detect bugs, errors and avoid frequent re-writing of the code, providing on-time reports on bugs and inconsistencies, ultimately saving you money.

Human Centricity

By interacting with the application directly, our developers provide detailed feedback during the quality assurance process, which is not possible with automated testing.

Meticulous Testing

We leverage the best manual testing tools in the box to find some of the most critical defects with logical reasons, human instincts and other nuances, enhancing products’ user experience, usability and cost-efficiency.

Get an On-Time Software Delivery

Our quality assurance experts work beyond the deliverable limits if they have to ensure that the project is delivered on time with accurate results.

Well-Defined QA Process

ESSGEEKS provides manual software testing services by relying on a foundation of matured testing and screening processes, functional testing tools and the expertise of our highly experienced professionals.

Extensive Talent Pool

Ranging from test management, defect management to test data management, the army of software testing experts at ESSGEEKS has prowess in all leading tools for application lifestyle management.

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Our Manual Software Testing Process


First, our test engineers conduct a business and functional analysis, which helps them identify and define the requirements correctly for manual software testing.

Once we are on the same page, test planning and strategy documents are developed to serve as a guideline for the entire application lifecycle, including testing processes, schedules, test coverage and other deliverables.

Test cases are curated based on software requirements specification and non-functional requirements, allowing us to create a basis for repeatable testing.

After test cases are written, our engineers work meticulously to ensure flawless execution by identifying the requirements and prioritizing the most critical defects.

Once the defects and bugs are identified, the same is communicated to your team. And after receiving the go-ahead, our developers work rigorously to remove all the imperfections before final delivery.

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Software development outsourcing is just a tool to achieve business goals. But there is no way to get worthwhile results without cooperation and trust between a client company.

Finding Bugs Effectively at Every Stage

A full report on the test and analysis

Certified QA engineers to vet the application

Avoid loss of service, application crashes and malfunction

Deep background checks and continuous support

Enhanced quality of the application

We are the exterminators of software bugs; we catch every single one before the application/software is handed over to you. So get in touch with us and make your way to a bug-free application

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